A Poem to Young Poets

My husband and I watched Brave New Voices, the 2010 top four Spoken Word Teams performing on television last night. I cried. It was one of the most moving experiences to watch these young people perform, and share from their hearts with Passion with a capital P! Hairs stood up on my arms.

In the middle of the night, I woke up and scrawled this in my journal. I do not know if it will make sense – it was simply a response to what I’d seen!

I am a grown woman
with children and grandchildren
You are but a child and yet
I would sit at your feet
and be a student
of the way you form words
into raw emotion
Chills going up and down
my spine
Tears streaming
from my eyes
because your story
is so powerful
and you speak with
such authority
Your silence splits
rocks open
in the pauses between
Every breath
is metered
to bring the most
You are precision
and vision
You are righteous
and a mighty choir
bursting forth
from your tiny frame
You are a young Poet
and I envy you
I am in awe of you
I want to study you
behold you
and watch you transcend
and transform
become and radiate
usher in the life
you will create
the world you will reshape
I am a student
I will sit at your feet
and drink in all
that you are able
to share with me
I am your audience
I am your cheering crowd
I am your fingers snapping
heads nodding
feet stomping
in raucous approval
I am listening with all my heart
I am your paper
I am your pen
Write your words
across my spirit
Etch your manifesto
on the windows
of my soul
Break my heart
Rebuild my tower
I stand taller
knowing you speak
knowing nothing
could make you
be silent
Whatever this world
feeds you
You will turn to verse
and we will all
be saved by the
truth you speak
the truth you dare
the truth you share
the truth you are
what slices through you
this sword in your hand!


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