Focus Group, R & D, and Designing a Math Game

This morning I read a beautiful article about “Creating a Sacred Space in Your Heart.” It was about really focusing on drinking tea, instead of just drinking it mechanically. If we focus on something, on a molecular level, we actually change that thing. I have read about this before from Patti Digh over at 37days. She first introduced me to the scientific concept of paying … Continue reading Focus Group, R & D, and Designing a Math Game

Exuberance and Chopsticks

They are like a basket of pups, adorable, tiny, rolling over one another to get a pat on the head, a snuggle, or a kiss. They wiggle in places no grownup person could manage to move. They are elastic bands. They are rubber balls. They are sparks flying from a firecracker. They are constant exuberance over every new adventure, and every day they learn something … Continue reading Exuberance and Chopsticks