Dreaming of Sticks and Twine

This may or may not count for anything in the overall scheme of things. But this week, I’ve been dreaming of sticks and twines. This is a change for me because generally I dream of the finished product of a lush, gorgeous garden. Somewhere in there I’m the envy of all my friends, and we’re throwing little garden parties in the cool of the evening. … Continue reading Dreaming of Sticks and Twine

Not a High-Heeled Activity

This was actually a little while ago. This is me out cutting down the weeds to prepare our garden plot. Something I never dreamed I would be excited about, so excited that I was clapping my hands in glee, was when my husband got off the phone and informed me that he’d just procured three dump loads full of horse manure! After we finished laughing, … Continue reading Not a High-Heeled Activity

A Tiny Start

A little Snowdrop – the first flower to bloom after the New Year. This is the flower we will be planting for Michael, our oldest, whose Birthday is in January. For years, I’ve wanted consistency in my writing. I’ve wanted to have something grand to show for all the walls of journals I’ve written. When I was a young, single artist – lonely, bemoaning my … Continue reading A Tiny Start