Calvin & Hobbes… Erm… I mean… Ben & Bean

This weekend, in fairly typical fashion, Ben created about a bazillion new paper-craft projects. His imagination never stops. I spoke to Bean about doing a project with him every day when he gets home from Kindergarten. It dawned on me that Ben has always been able to come up with ideas for projects on his…

Full Moon, Valentine’s Day, Werewolves and Baby Goats

This Valentine’s Day was a Full Moon. We couldn’t see it because of the outrageous downpour of rain we are experiencing, but Ben felt it. He has been a little obsessed with werewolves lately. I made the mistake of explaining that the moon actually has a pull on us – same as the oceans’ tides…

Bottle Baby Goats are Here!

That is Madrone (or Mama), one of our goats due to deliver any day, being super curious. These are not the clearest pictures, because those babies won’t stay still. But this shows how tiny they are right now.

Baby Goat Dancing

We have new baby goats, picked up today from our Goat Mentor, Sue. The babies like their new home and are dancing around. Our pregnant goats are all curious and crazy over them. This should be fun!