“Turn thou Hitherward” – Weekly Wrap-up

Our first week in to this Old-School Homeschool style has been a total blast. We are completely focused on art projects, and giving Ben something to do with his hands while we tuck the actual educational necessities around the edges. I even created a little weekly overview worksheet for lesson planning – with the giant Art Circle in the center to help me stay tuned … Continue reading “Turn thou Hitherward” – Weekly Wrap-up

The Architecture of Cathedrals

Part of Ben’s fourth grade art curriculum includes a look at Gothic Architecture. We live in the age of the computer, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. What we can see in little pictures in a text-book, can be turned into a vast and glorious walking tour online! This week, we looked at Cathedrals and their architecture, viewing a fantastic NOVA movie online about the … Continue reading The Architecture of Cathedrals