Microcosm & Minutiae

Driving straight into a thick blanket of fog, I wondered about our world, the darkness and lack of visibility we are entering. I remembered the blizzard in the Little House on the Prairie books that hit suddenly while children were at the school-house. They formed a line with outstretched arms – trying to get all the children home in a storm of wild whiteness. Only … Continue reading Microcosm & Minutiae

Boomerangs for Sale!

And this is how we started our New Year. Scott and I were using the bobcat and the tractor to move dirt around since it was a lovely sunny day in Southern Oregon. We’d been moving dirt to the garden plot for over an hour, when I started wondering what my boys were doing inside. It was awfully quiet. Spells trouble. Who’s hurting whom, I’m … Continue reading Boomerangs for Sale!