This is Your Brain on Make-Believe

I love the way Benny’s brain works! This morning, we put together a new stroller for the baby, and Ben fell in love with some of the packaging material and brought it to school for show and tell. Basically, what he found looked like two empty rolls of toilet paper – just the cardboard part – only it was thicker, stronger cardboard. He had so much fun with it all the way to school. He must have told me at least 50 different ways he could use these objects.

They shot webs, they blew smoke like from a race car, they were blowing mist, they were wheels, clubs, music makers. His brain just goes into overdrive and I LOVE that!

For his birthday a few weeks ago, when everyone wanted to know what to get him – I said anything that he could make a costume out of, because that’s what he spends the majority of his time doing – being one super-hero or another. He got a cape, he got gloves and a pirate eye patch – even a really cool leather-looking, long pirate coat (with no arms – like a duster). That one is so cool, I want one for myself. He got a sword and an entire knight in shining armor costume. The greatest thing is that a lot of what he got was odds and ends that he gleefully puts together on his own.

Ah – Childhood!

One of the other moms at Benny’s school this morning told me about a great book and I can’t remember the name of it – I’m hoping I run into her again before the end of school… All the pictures are of a big red box, and the words are all about all the things the main character (a bunny) thinks it is – a washing machine, a rocket ship etc. – – lot’s of imaginative play. I can’t wait to find the title – so I can go get it!

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