Green Eggs & Ham with my Toddler

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Welcome to another week of Working Mommy Wednesday. This week our topics are:
1. What events from your past have helped form the professional you are today?
2. In looking through old journals, do you still recognize the person you were in college?
Green Eggs & Ham, with Tangerines, and Centerpiece Flowers
Today, I am way more ridiculously whimsical than I was when I was younger. I have been a bit of a Pollyanna for about the last 20 years. This adds to my mothering style, I think, as well as to how I am at work. I work in the Staffing World – putting people to work. This means I often sit across the desk from people who are going through a rough time. They find it difficult to look on the bright side. It is my job to help them frame their experiences in the positive as much as possible. Employers don’t want to know how desperate your situation is, they want to know what you can do for them to help them with their bottom line. So – going into an interview primed and ready to shine can be the difference between you and the next person in line.

I guess I don’t have direct answers to either of these questions, perhaps because I’m such an old mom to such young children. College was a really long time ago – and yes – I am completely different now. Those first 20 years, I was much more emotional, and not very self-assured. I was mousy. Gosh – I was pathetic. I’m pretty take charge these days, and fun loving and energetic. More so now than when I was young, probably because I was weighed down by all that drama.

Oh – it’s good to grow up!

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  1. I’m so excited to have you join WMW! Your experience is a wonderful thing to read about and I agree with you that employers definitely don’t want to hear the negative. Thanks for stopping by. I’d love to get your email address so I can include you on our weekly list for prompts. Mine is if you’d like to pass yours along.

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