Could there be anything more glorious than the sight – nearly 6 weeks after that first seed was kissed tenderly and placed into the ground? I went out to check on my seedlings in the greenhouse – and those are all doing splendidly. Then went to bring over more chips to put in between our deep, wide rows. The only things that are planted outside right now are the Peas. Even though it gets cold here in Southern Oregon, and one can’t start seriously planting outdoors without threat of frost until sometimes late May or June, I was told that Peas could withstand a light freeze and are the first things to bloom and grow and that February was the time. I’m so new at this – trust me – I’m not making any decisions for myself. Everything is done according to instruction and lots of reading and advice from the kind people at the local Grange Co-Op!

So, imagine my delight, as I rounded the corner near the Pea Trellises, and saw tiny shoots pushing their way up through the mulching of chips. What brave little souls! All this time – 6 weeks – to muster the strength and courage to push up just a tiny inch. Couldn’t you just pinch their little cheeks? There are at least 7 of the dear things that have started sprouting. I’m in lala-dance-heaven!

Sorry – I’m in love and completely crazy over these early successes with our Ridiculous, Giant Garden project.

Today in the greenhouse, I planted seeds for 72 Roma Tomatoes, 6 Artichokes, 12 Cherry Tomatoes, 12 Dark Purple Basil,12 Sweet Basil, 12 Verbena flowers, 12 Giant Zinnias, and 12 Snapdragons. It’s going to be busy, but gorgeous.

photo from here (and it’s not even a pea plant, what the heck? Well, apparently I need to upgrade to the newest iPhone, because mine has started taking fuzzy photos. Drat. But this lovely photo will give you an idea of how tiny and precious and amazing my little plants are to me!)

4 thoughts on “Sprouts

  1. The greenhouse is a hoot and a half. It looks like a tiny wooden cottage, but with windows facing South and West and a window in the ceiling so it catches the heat of the sun. All my little seeds are doing spendidly in there.

  2. Oh I know this feeling! I love the beginning of gardening season! Nothing much grows where I am now but I am from a place where everything is lush and beautiful most of the time.

    1. It is the most exhausting thing – but so rewarding. Today we planted some strawberries. I’d purchased 40 little starts, but let them sit too long, and barely any of them looked like they would turn into anything growing. I’ll have to go back and get more. We also planted 3 fruit trees and 2 blueberry bushes, cleaned out a corner of the barn for another chicken coop, did 2 burn piles and roasted marshmallows. I’m ready for a nap!

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