The big news is that my garden now has water. We have been painstakingly putting in water lines, and then little spaghetti tubing, and then little tiny sprinkler or dripper or dribbler heads for every single one of the baby seedling plants in the garden, so that while we are at work, they will not dry out. We still have no idea what we’re doing. I should stop saying that because we are definitely learning as we go, and we know more now than we did a year ago before we started this giant project.

Scott promises to take an aerial shot of the garden from his bucket truck in the next couple of days so we can get a good look at the mostly before vision of this thing. It’s more than before. I mean, before would be the land with weeds on it. Now we have all these wide rows with chips for walking paths between them. We have put a lot of work into it already, and yet we have sprouts of one and two leaves.

I actually got Garden Envy today, driving home from work, I spotted a garden with big, leafy cabbage already growing, and I grr’d a tiny bit in my heart.

Soon. Soon we will have everything growing for real. It’s not that it’s pretend. We’ve been watering seeds in planter trays in our laundry room and the potting shed for months. And there are big, bushy, somewhat sturdy tomato plants that are more than 6 inches tall. Like I said, soon, we will have more to show for all this work. And it will be glorious.

Truly. Little seeds of hope have been planted with kisses and we have hugged the wet earth with our hands, scooping clumps of dirt into berms to hold the water in. I have never felt so tender toward the earth and what grows from her. My weeds are even beautiful to me. I see them through the eyes of my chickens, who love it when I bring them big buckets full of bristly weeds to dig through.

Goodnight, sweet garden. Drink up, and dig down deep, and Grow!

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