I Dream in Mass Quantities of Color!

There are so many gorgeous colors in the world. I am drawn to colors and the juxtaposition of colors, the interesting array of possibilities, the “World is our Canvas” mentality, and splashes of brilliant color all over the place. I am one who will find beauty in even the dullest landscapes, by seeking out a tiny spot of color.

On Saturday night, I dreamed a new family tradition. We are artists, and we work the land, so the seasons of the earth have taken on much more meaning to us than they ever did when we were city dwellers.

In my dream, we each got a new canvas as a way to celebrate the turning of the seasons. There are different color families for each season, and what I would want to do is pick a few colors as our focus for that season, and then whatever anyone painted, at least the color schemes would match. We could change out the art in the house to accompany each season.

The Spring Equinox tells us the days are getting longer and soon we’ll be able to plant.


The Summer Solstice hits right in the height of our growing, tending the garden season, and also signifies that the days will start getting shorter, and it will soon be canning season.


The Fall Equinox tells us the days are definitely getting shorter, evening will be sooner, most of the garden activities are winding down, and now we have baby animals soon to be born.



Winter Solstice comes just days before Christmas and marks the shortest day of the year, the potentially bleakest time of year when we are surrounded by cold and grey, and it brings the hope that from this moment on, days will start getting longer.
Red Bellied Woodpecker
In those colder months, we have our wood burning stove (just ordered, being installed next weekend) to keep us warm,
and there will be lots to learn because we will have Goat’s Milk to process for the first time this year. There are lots of
cheeses to learn to make, and butters. We want to learn to make our own mayonnaise, and sour cream. Basically, as
many dairy products as we can learn to make with goat’s milk as possible.

I am so excited about this project, because I think that in years to come, we would literally have a gallery full of seasonal paintings. Each would reflect a time in the artist’s life, as well as what was evolving within our family. It would be a family history in art.

Scott thinks that in a very short time we would have more art than we know what to do with, and storage would begin to be a problem. And I think Storage Options for Art, and an an Attic Renovation!


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