Popcorn & Snuggle Time – Family Movie Reviews

What I would love to do is have a weekly Family Movie Night Review.

Sunday would be a great day to check in, so that whether you do Friday Night Movie Night in your family, or Saturday Night Movie Night – either way, end of weekend, Sunday, we could share our reflections.

We don’t have to give away the storyline, or do big spoilers, but to share what we are watching, and what we got out of it, would be fun.

There are so many great movies out there. I know that I sometimes forget about the classics, and think that my only choices are what is new at Redbox. So hearing from other moms would help spark my memory and help me choose really amazing movies to watch with my kids.

What do you think? Would you want to be a part?

Next week, I’ll have an actual linky – for now, let’s share through comments. Share your weekend movie – family friendly please. I reserve the right to edit.

4 thoughts on “Popcorn & Snuggle Time – Family Movie Reviews

  1. I love this idea!! I’ll do it! We usually do have a movie night on Fridays.
    Because of Winn Dixie, we will have to see if we can find that!!

    1. Yay! It will be fun to see what other families are watching and do little movie reviews among moms!

  2. I’ll start – This weekend we watched “Because of Winn Dixie”

    I will tell you that I cried more times than I can count. This is a movie from a book that my 3rd Grader is reading in his class, so I know it’s not too mature for him. He has been talking about it constantly. What I love is that it is a rather slow moving movie. And my kids sat through it, and paid attention, and seemed to be learning through-out that we need to share our sorrows and our joys in order to build community. It is quite a magical little movie, full of beautiful, broken characters, who share something amazing in letting themselves be seen by one another.

    One of my favorite scenes was where the woman, Gloria, who some of the kids in town think is a witch, meets Opal (the main character), and says to her, “Why don’t you tell me all about yourself. I can’t see with my eyes, I need to be able to see with my heart, so just tell me everything.” Opal’s narrative says that she hadn’t ever been asked to share everything, and she couldn’t stop talking, she just talked and talked and talked, and Gloria listened with her whole heart. It is such a beautiful scene.

    It’s one of those sleeper movies – not big and bold and loud with chase scenes and things blowing up, but my rough and tumble boys were glued to it. It completely held our attention. I would Highly Recommend it.

    Two buttered-popcorn covered thumbs Up!

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