The Pigs are Home! The Pigs are Home! Sweet Pea’s Finally Here!

There she is – in all her glory – checking out her new pig pen that we built out of an old skateboard ramp we took apart board by board (actually Joe did last summer) from a tree job my husband did. Oh – that was such a fortuitous job  – because we did a partial trade for the granite sink we just put in our bathroom over the summer from that job as well. Whew, we made out like bandits!

LOOK at those baby pigs! I just want to squeeze them, they are so darned cute! These are the only pictures I have at the moment. We finally got them to our property yesterday. There have been all sorts of delays. We have been waiting for the pigs since before Sweet Pea was even pregnant. But without our own means of transporting them here, one thing or another kept getting in the way.

Then, this week, Scott got a trailer, and Voila – Pig Transport happened right away! (That big, gorgeous red barn in the background? Not ours. I dream of the day!!) Bean got to help his dad go pick up the trailer, and of course, fell in love with the mini door at the front. He cannot stop talking about it!

By the time I got home from work yesterday, it was dark, so as soon as the sun comes up, I get to go see them for myself. Scott sent me these photos while I was at work.

Today, Scott will be removing a tree that fell on top of a house. We’ve had some storms here recently. Lots of wet weather, saturated ground, and toppling trees. And I get to drive north to Eugene for my office’s Christmas Party. So just a little bit of playing with the pigs and then I get to get all fancy and go to a grown up party! Not too fancy. You know. I’m a pig farmer! Ha. But fancy for me.

12 thoughts on “The Pigs are Home! The Pigs are Home! Sweet Pea’s Finally Here!

  1. Love your writing, feel like I’m just there at your kitchen table with a cup of tea. And adore your stories ~ so different from mine. My family were farmers and a lil’ part of me yearns for the smell of hay and big farm dinners with all crowded ’round the kitchen table. Am pleased to ‘follow’ your blog and appreciate your kind words regarding mine 🙂


    1. Thank you and thank you for visiting. I’ve added your blog to my reading list. I can’t wait to get into your book reviews!


  2. Liesl,

    This is SO COOL!!! I’ve been waiting forever for these pictures! I LOVE it…This also answers my question…are you blogging for December…awesome!



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