Art Deco, Jazz and a Kitchen Table Coloring Session

Last night, before bed, Ben drew a quick picture with a sun in the corner that was so pointed, angular, and symmetrical, it made me think of Art Deco. Happily tonight was Art & Music night, so we checked out some Art Deco images on Google, including plenty of architecture like the Eastern Columbia building (above) and some Erte statuesque costume designs as well. One of the nicest visual samples of the variety included in this era was showcased over at a fantastic blog called Red Coloured Glasses.

We were listening to a Fats Waller Jazz Station on Pandora while looking over all this amazing art. Then we got our pencils and crayons out and started trying to replicate things we’d seen.

First, Bean needed to color a picture of his family with me in an orange skirt! Later, he explained that it was an Art Deco skirt.


Ben worked on a Grandfather clock. I think more than anything, he noticed the elongated shapes of Art Deco.


Bean followed suit with a Grandfather clock of his own.


I just did a random design. It felt very Art Deco-inspired to me. The boys liked it and gave me compliments. All in all, a lovely evening.


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