It feels like the Time Change punched me in the face this year

Never before have I been so turned upside down by setting the clocks ahead one hour. On Sunday morning, my iPhone alarm went off at 4:15, as usual. The rest of the clocks still said 3:15 am – which really does seem like an unnatural time to be awake for a day worker. We had even been up late the night before roasting hot dogs and making s’mores over an open fire, because it was a burn pile day out in the country where we live.

No worries. I just figured it would give me some extra time to read before the whole house woke up. It just feels like I haven’t been able to make it until 8:00 p.m. the rest of the week. I have no more get up and go after that. I start becoming incoherent and mumbling by 8:02.

Sunday was also the day we picked up more baby goats, and the bottle feeding at 5am started. So, all this week, we have been feeding the babies before I come in and get ready for work. It is like spending my morning with a bunch of plush dolls. They are the cutest little things.

One of the little boys, we named Stevie because when he gets his bottle, it is so good to him, he moves his head back and forth to a rhythm only he hears. He reminds us of Stevie Wonder. Of course the reference is lost on our little boys, so for Art & Music Night last night, we watched some video on YouTube of Stevie Wonder.

Today is Pi Day and it is also Albert Einstein’s Birthday. I am a big fan of that genius. My son’s school is hosting a Pi Day event this evening, and we will be sponsoring a Math Games Table. There will be lots of Pie, and who knows what other sorts of Math Activities. It starts at 6:00 p.m. and I am really hoping to not be a murmuring, mummy-mom of sleepiness, but be wide awake and energetic.

For the first time in a really long time, possibly ever, I am feeling like there are simply not enough hours in the day. We are exactly 2 weeks and counting from my last day at my day job, and that may have more to do with my exhaustion that I’ve allowed myself to think. I spend 50 hours a week away from my home and kids and farm and the business my husband and I run together, Garner Tree Services.

All the crazy fun things I do with my family, and all the farm activities, and all the baby animal care goes on top of the 50 hours plus I’m away. Either I’m getting old, or it’s really starting to set in how nice it will be to just be here and run all these things and spend all my time doing this.

I predict that two Thursdays from today, on my 46th Birthday, and my first day Home and not going in to work, I will have energy to spare, and time will feel like it all fits in one day again. I will be a little emotionally spent, because saying good-bye to the people I work with will not be easy. The company I work for has been where I thought I would retire from, and I love everyone there. There will be many tears, I’m sure.

They are letting me throw my own going away party a week from today – and that will be a blast. My bosses will be there, my clients are invited, there is an Art Reception and wine and food and music. My parents are coming, my dad will play his Gut-Bucket again, just like at my first Art & Wine party. My former receptionist will be there with her Yukele troop, and her world famous Cheese Balls. It seems highly likely that a Hootenanny may break out.

This is a mash up of everything in my head this morning before goat-feeding time. I haven’t been able to write all week, because of being over-tired, but writing about all the fun coming up has refreshed me. It is going to be a good two weeks. I want to enjoy every minute of my time with the people in my work world who are dear to me, and then wrap things up nicely, leave everything tidy and ready for the next person, and come home to my husband, my kids, my farm, and my big wide view!

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2 thoughts on “It feels like the Time Change punched me in the face this year

  1. stevie wonder’s ‘superstitious’: a great song or the greatest song? you tell me.
    you’re making me jealous with all of your baby goat talk. we have a baby in the house now, too, but she’s a three-legged kitten who will never offer us the bounty of milk or cheese (you’re totally going to get those, right?). so while babies are always a joy, you’re giving me a serious case of goat envy. that, my friend, is an honest-to-goodness first.
    and a most happy early hootenanny to you, liesl garner, you short-timer! i’m so happy for you.

  2. Wow. I had no idea you worked so hard away from home. I know you don’t consider what you do at home “work” (it always sounds like so much fun!), but you really should feel pretty drained! Congratulations on the upcoming retirement! Now go take a nap.

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