First Wednesday Gallery Visit

Since I am no longer working full-time at a regular day job, but at home with our farm and our tree service, my preschooler, and my 3rd grader… I am able to pick Ben up from school on his Early Out Wednesday each and every Wednesday, hopefully, and go visit an Art Gallery for Art & Music Day!

We started out with Ice Cream cones at the Butte Creek Mill in downtown Eagle Point, because it’s one of our favorite places in the whole world to go, and it’s right around the corner from school.

This is one of the Antiques at the Butte Creek Mill – it is Filled with them!
Bean and Ben down at the water at the Butte Creek Mill

Then we headed to the Rogue Gallery & Art Center – to check out their art and also see about some classes for summertime. They are currently showing some extraordinary quilts. In the back room, we found these amazing Letters made by students, and we had to pose in front of them.



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