Dreamy, Sparks Flying Day

For some reason, I want to start at the end this time and work my way to the start. We did an Art Excursion today. The last thing we did was go to the Butte Creek Mill in downtown Eagle Point (a favorite destination) for ice cream bars. It is still chilly in Southern Oregon, so we walked with our treats to a little bench in the sunlight. There I was, with my two boys and my little niece, who wore hot pink and ate a hot pink popsicle.


For a few moments, it was perfectly still as we all snuggled in close for warmth, and ate our frozen desserts.

It is a sleepy little street, lined with beautiful older homes, incredibly preserved and wearing their finest trims. Two of the houses in my line of sight had screened in porches, and windows covered in lace curtains. One had wisteria branches gloriously draped around the wood framed openings. They haven’t started to bloom yet, but we’ll be back to see them when they do.

It felt like an afternoon in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” and here I was wedged between my own little Scout and Dill and Jem; always outspoken, precocious, scheming, daydreaming and most likely in trouble. Except now, because they were munching on a timely dessert.

Just so you know, the Butte Creek Mill sells water-wheel, stone-ground products. Still. Quite a gorgeous, delicious array of goodness.


Before our treat, we’d toured the downstairs of the Mill, and posed in front of some of the amazing antiques.

20130417-205550.jpg 20130417-205532.jpg

Which gets us to the Amazing Art Adventure – visiting the workshop of Steel My Art. Well, to stay in backwards mode, let me show you what our host, Diane, made for Ben…


She and her husband sell products on the internet as well as at street fairs and shows. She makes beautiful things out of metal, and also has a commercial side, which makes signs and gates. We had so much fun watching the giant machine work!

20130417-205456.jpg 20130417-205433.jpg

The kids posed with some of the Found Object art, and then went under that enormous table and “Picked” some metal scraps to their little hearts’ content.

20130417-205506.jpg 20130417-205419.jpg

As we were leaving, I asked Diane about her Angora goats, and does she do something with the fur? She said she has multiple Spinning Wheels in an attic room. Oh, I think we’ll be back out there for a few more adventures!

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  1. Great post Liesl! That was fun yesterday wasn’t it? Next time we spin 😀

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