Farm Festival at the Wood House

Saturday, we wanted to run down to the Eagle Point Farmers Market for some veggies, but instead ended up at The Wood House for their Farm Festival. My boys adore antiques and things that show how life was in the Olden Days. The Wood House isn’t open to the public every day, so when it is open, we want to be there, and walk through the old house, and imagine living in those rooms with the draft coming right through the slats in the door. Each room is decorated as it would have been back in the day. The old mattress seems impossible to get a good night sleep on – maybe that made the people back then tougher, and more ready to jump up and start working as soon as the morning light appeared.

We met several more local artists and took their cards, and talked about coming out to do an Art Excursion to see their studios. We met woodworkers, and paper makers, quilters, rug makers – all sorts of amazing artists. This area is rich with talent, I tell you!

One of the ladies working a booth, came out to meet us, and said that she was from the Bingo Hall at the Senior Citizens Center, where Bean and I played Bingo on Monday. She said she hoped we would be back. She said that all the folks were smitten with Bean. We love this little community, and getting to know the people in it. And of course, we will go back for more Bingo. Bean and I love games with numbers!

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