Motorcycle Builders, Be Prepared. You have Some Competition Growing.

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For the next year, give or take a few hours, we will have to refer to him as a nine-year old. However, this latest paper and tape creation was made by an eight-year old. He is nearly a tween, but still, to his mom, a boy with big dreams. He wants to do everything. He is at the age where everything is possible, and there are no limits to his creativity. I wish he could stay here and just keep creating one masterpiece at a time, and never be bothered with the world and all her No’s.

It doesn’t matter. I will keep telling him anything is possible for as long as he will listen to me.

He is so much a warrior, and so much a poet. He has such highs and such lows. These are the moods of an artist. I want to protect him from extremes, but, oh boy oh boy does he have them in spades. He works himself through them by focusing on his next creation, putting all his energy into each little piece that must be cut then taped. He can baffle me with bullshit one moment, and then hit me with a hauntingly beautiful phrase the next. He is my polar opposite, and my evil twin (or my “twin enemy” as Bean would say). Every good and great and beautiful thing about him makes me feel reverent in his presence, like I am in the company of greatness. Every dark brooding side of him is a side I know well from my own depths, and I want to soften the impact somehow from the falls he will have from great heights. Oh, this boy genius. I love him so.

He turns nine tomorrow. In all the excitement of our next nine years, I hope I never forget to tell him how much I admire him, and how big my world has become because of him. I notice everything around me in how it pertains to art and architecture, science, design and mathematics – because that is what he sees. I never saw those things, or focused on them as much. Now, all of life unfurls for me in breathtaking beauty of infinite wisdom, divine geometry, colors too glorious for words. Because of how much of an artist Ben is – my world has become filled with art and wonder.

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  1. that motorcycle is staggering! thank you so much for sharing it, liesl, and a most happy ninth birthday to your divine boy. (how are the country kid farmers planning to celebrate?!!?)

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