Big, Giant Love and the Theatrics and Science to Make it Happen


Yesterday, after completing Tax Season, and being home again, I was able to finally put into place our new Eat Art feature. Ben and I figured it out on one of our recent walks. We decided on the following schedule for feeding ourselves a rich diet of Art.

Monday – Murals

Tuesday – The Universe

Wednesday – Wonders of the World

Thursday – Theater and Dance

Friday – Figures / Sculpture

It was Thursday, and I’d seen this video earlier on my own, and wanted to share it with the boys. It seemed to have all the elements of Great Theater – an enormous staff of behind the scenes people to pull off an outstanding spectacle; choreography; dancers (okay, drivers); a grand vision; a stage; and a soundtrack to break your heart in all the right places.

We watched this video of Hyundai sending a young girl’s message to space for her astronaut father.

We were completely swept up into what a huge undertaking this was, what an achievement, and what a powerful emotional response they were able to elicit.

There were only brief moments in the video that showed all the science going into this, but we noticed the math and science. As much as my boys like to pretend that they don’t like math – when they see it used with genius – they notice and they get how awesome it would be to have this kind of tool in our pockets.

I am excited to be on this journey with the boys, where we explore grand and glorious art together. We need to be fed. We need to be jolted from our normal day-in-day-out and see beauty big and bold and in our face and towering over us and sweeping us away. We need it like we need air. We are a family of artists. I need a steady stream of beautiful words in all the right places on the page to keep my spirit in health. My boys need visual art blasted onto their retinas in tremendous ways to keep them hungry for more and more ways to express all the art that is in them.

Let the feast begin!

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