Nature’s Cathedral

This glorious waterfall, my darling goofy boy, the tall trees, the mountain of splendor on the drive there, toasting with our little cups in front of the water, our selfie, and our picnic packed by Bean.

“Wonder is the alpha and the omega of the human mind. It stands at the beginning and end of our quest to understand ourselves and the world. Aristotle said philosophy begins in wonder. It is the most primal of emotions, at once ordinary and disturbing. As the sixth sense, the natural religious sense, wonder is the royal road that leads us to the other elemental emotions, and thus to a renewed sense of the sacred.”

Sam Keen, “Dwelling in the Presence of the Sacred”

We drove and admired all the views on the way to the waterfall. We listened to music and talked. We talked about the power of nature to heal our souls, to refresh them, and cleanse them from the dust of every day life. We wondered how people in cities get to this place. They must have the beauty of architecture to give them a sense of wonder. I’m glad we are out in the boonies and able to go see nature so easily. We have covered bridges in Oregon, waterfalls, trails, tall mountains to climb and wonder at the valleys below. We have lakes and rivers and the coast yet to explore. We have a very hopeful feeling about summer this year and all the places we can go see. He told me we should do something like this every weekend and I couldn’t agree more.

Where does wonder take you?

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