A Really Long Downhill toward Freedom

Ben gave me a 20-week Fitness Challenge which will take us right through summer and hopefully become so habit forming, that we never stop doing a little something every day that is good for us. Together, we have walked, and ridden bikes and even tried a little running. We are building up our hearts and lungs with longer walks to get ready for even more running. We live … Continue reading A Really Long Downhill toward Freedom

Say Yes

  What would parenting be like if we used the Rules of Improvisation in our interactions with our kids? I’m not suggesting this entirely. I’m just wondering. Right now, I’m reading Amy Poehler’s book, “Yes Please.” I’ve always liked her – but didn’t know what a pivotal player she has been in the world of comedy. I didn’t know that she was a part of the … Continue reading Say Yes

“I Will Not Pretend That My Hands Don’t Work”

When Scott and I were first married, and setting up our home together, I was unpacking boxes of files to put into the office, and came across an envelope full of sentences he’d had his boys write as a consequence for behavior that got them into trouble. I sat on the floor flipping through these pages, laughing until I cried. Scott didn’t ever just have … Continue reading “I Will Not Pretend That My Hands Don’t Work”

Muzzles, Snouts or Beaks

  Yesterday, on the way to music lessons, there was a lively conversation in the car between my six-year old and my nine-year old about whether the word muzzle and snout could be used interchangeably. Ben is a huge reader, and he was saying that a writer will use muzzle instead of snout sometimes, and then other times talk about a snout. At first I … Continue reading Muzzles, Snouts or Beaks

Complicating Simple

Here’s how the conversation went with my husband earlier today… “I’m afraid I complicate things,” I said. “No, Really?” he laughed. “But first you simplify your complicated, then that seems too easy, so you complicate it again, and add layers and extra buttons, and some fancy widgets, then you scrap the whole thing and go for simple again, but only if it can be in … Continue reading Complicating Simple

Of Cycles and Circles and Seeds and Beginnings

  This morning, I read again from the gorgeous gardening, meditation, living life book, “Gardening at the Dragon’s Gate: At Work in the Wild and Cultivated World,” by Wendy Johnson. She writes in a way that makes me want to go out and kiss my garden and hold the dirt in my hands and whisper blessings over it for all it does for us. Farm … Continue reading Of Cycles and Circles and Seeds and Beginnings

Gears, Math and Contrary

Gears are at the heart of so many things around here. Scott is building a race car for the Drag Strip that is around the corner from our house. Both boys like to build motorcycles and bikes, and finger bikes, and scooters and anything else with wheels, really. I can see them going into fields like engineering or design or drafting. They are artists. Anything … Continue reading Gears, Math and Contrary

Chores, Homework & Accomplishment – Aha!

Chores. I remember being a kid and having chores, and thinking I was overworked and under-appreciated. I remember feeling like all I ever did was work. I know it takes a while to have a grownup mind, but wow, is the young mind a crazy place. I truly remember knowing for certain that our home would cease to function without my efforts, and that somehow, … Continue reading Chores, Homework & Accomplishment – Aha!