Even if I do say so Myself

I said something brilliant yesterday, even if I do say so myself. Sometimes that happens. When I write, sometimes I say something that later I look at and wonder that those words in that combination came out of my mind. And I think, “Well – that was genius!” I look at that last sentence and wonder if I know anything of grammar, and I’m sure someone will be kind enough to tell me where all the commas should have been. But, here’s the thing. Sometimes, as the words roll out of your mouth, or cross your pencil tips, aren’t you just completely stunned at the magnitude of those words, and how healing they could be if you could get people to listen? Do you ever think that?

Yesterday, as I was writing about Checking something – and I was about to say “Off my list,” when suddenly, I swerved, and wrote, “Check them onto my permanent list of Yes’s.” The difference is astounding to me. One way of looking at a To Do list, or a list of goals, has us checking them OFF as if we couldn’t wait to be done with them. Checking them ONTO our permanent list of Yes’s – embraces that thing we just did, that accomplishment, and holds it close to our hearts, and we OWN that. It’s Ours! And, oh, how I love that!

As I am looking out at my upcoming year and the things I want to see happen. I have so many big dreams and goals. And I love that as I’m nearing them, I am getting closer to holding them, not Checking them OFF a list to say goodbye to them. I am desiring all my goals and urging them closer to me. I love that!

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