Dreaming of Sticks and Twine

This may or may not count for anything in the overall scheme of things. But this week, I’ve been dreaming of sticks and twines. This is a change for me because generally I dream of the finished product of a lush, gorgeous garden. Somewhere in there I’m the envy of all my friends, and we’re throwing little garden parties in the cool of the evening. Obviously, in dreamland, I’m taller than I am really, thinner, more elegant, and wearing some sort of gown that I would never spend the money on in real life.

But this week – I’m dreaming of getting my hands dirty. I’m measuring out lines in the garden, spacing the posts where they’ll need to be, using a hammer to wedge those posts into the cold earth. Then, I’m laying out twine for the various climbing plants. In my dreams, I’m doing the prep work, so that when my tiny plants are ready to transplant from the growing shed (it’s not quite big enough to be a greenhouse, and it’s more like a playhouse, or cottage made of wood – but it’s what we’ve got!) the garden plot will be ready for them.

It’s exciting to me to be envisioning the work part. It makes me feel like a real gardener. I’m a long way from that – but I have big dreams. And these days, they end up with my hands hurting just a little, and needing to soak in warm water with a little oil of something lovely in it. Somehow or other, I will find a way to treat my hands to a spa treatment after all that mud and dirt and twine.

Photo of sticks and twine from here.
Photo of the gardening shed from my camera.

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