Bird’s Eye View, Crop Circles and What Aliens Must Think of Us


Whatever you may believe about the formations of crop circles, whether they are made by pranksters or by some other means; to put any time into studying them, proves they are not easy to dismiss as silliness. In the book, Sacred Geometry, by Stephen Skinner, the author shares that most crop circles are based entirely on Euclidean geometry. A quick Google search of the phrase crop circles will give you a wide variety of exquisite designs. They have to be viewed from above to appreciate the intricacy, and their amazing feats of geometric drafting make it difficult to believe they could be faked without an aerial perspective. Just running out into a field and knocking over some cereal grain is going to leave tracks. These never have any tracks leading to them.

“Some of the geometry is very advanced and unlikely to have been known to hoaxers, unless they were also university math lecturers.” – Stephen Skinner

Regardless of how they occur, they are remarkable, I believe. After reading about them, I brought them up at dinner the other night. The kids didn’t really have a frame of reference for them, so it was mostly Scott and I talking about what on earth the Aliens (who some believe make them) must think of us, and what they may be trying to communicate with us through these beautiful designs. The thing is, we are highly advanced, and yet really really backward. If a more advanced civilization was looking at us, they would be flabbergasted at all that we have going for us, and that we still have so much poverty and disease. With all the resources at our disposal, what do we do with our knowledge? We create bigger and badder weapons of mass destruction. We could put our smarts to good use, we could end poverty and hunger, but we would rather (as a civilization as a whole) figure out ways to destroy one another. With just a cursory discussion and overview of the topic, Scott had the boys mimicking Aliens saying, “What the?” as the only phrase they could utter when looking at our advances in technology, and our use of science. Don’t get me wrong, we have some amazing scientists doing unbelievable things and making brilliant advances, we just also have a society that is addicted to junk food and reality TV, which makes our politicians act like reality TV stars, fighting in public and making scenes for ratings. We cannot seem to remember, as grown-ups, how to disagree agreeably, so it makes perfect sense that the whole world wants to be at war. When I heard this week that the United States is the largest exporter of weapons in the world, I realized that we are supplying the whole world with the weapons they will use to get us into battle-torn regions, supposedly to bring peace, but we don’t really want peace. We have a vested interest in keeping the wars going. We will destroy ourselves because we love fighting more than resolving anything. And the Aliens, and all our Great Cloud of Witnesses, looking down at us shake their heads, and say, “What the?” Public Domain photo from here

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