Dusted off, and Fluffed – Spruced, and Dolled up


There are certain kinds of people who can handle antique stores. I know the difference because I have sisters who cannot stand the musty smell or the idea that other unknown people have used these items. When I was little, we would sometimes go for long afternoon drives on Sunday, and just meander around not going anywhere in particular, but looking at things, and taking in the views. My mom and dad and I would fall in love with some rundown little house, totally overgrown with weeds, and my sisters, in all honesty, would think we were kidding. They didn’t always see the way we saw. We saw it already dusted off, and fluffed, spruced, and dolled-up. We saw what it could be. Perhaps none of us are as good at reality as we would like to think.

Thankfully, my boys are of the variety that love them. They have watched American Pickers, and feel like they are on the verge of a very important discovery every time they spy something worn. The same sort of thing happens when looking at an old house. Some of us see potential and charm, others see a disaster.

Today, for our Art Excursion, we had planned to visit a glass artist, but I ran late, and she had another appointment coming in, and we were sort of in and out in just a few minutes. We were left wanting more for an Art Excursion.

As luck would have it, this amazing place was on our way home! Acme Garage. Totally saved the day.

There were so many buildings to explore. Some just full of bathtubs, others full of doors and windows. And on, and on, and on.

They are such little gear heads. They saw all kinds of bikes and motorcycles and engine parts. It was really hard trying to keep our hands to ourselves. We all wanted to touch things, and hold them, and see if they fit us, even though we were only looking. We had to keep saying out loud that we are looking with our eyes and not our hands. I try so hard to set a good example, and then sometimes my hands just run over and have to touch something. I know. I know. It’s terrible. Shopping for me has always been a full contact sport. This is where comfy pockets would do nicely to hold us back.

We are all about Recycling and Reusing. This place is jammed back with cupboards, doorknobs, doors, frames, and accessories. We might have to go back when we start refurbishing the barn. They even rent out items, if you feel like making a movie. They have some creepy doll faces if you want to make your movie dark.



If I thought I could make this happen in my own home, I would say this is a perfect piece for a Headboard. Come to think of it, I might just do some cajoling to see if I can get Scott on the same page here, and bring this baby home.

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