A Few of the Joys of a Country Childhood


Yesterday, Bean got a chance to ride around the back field (under supervision from dad) on the back of our pig, Lily. The kids know not to go in the back field unless Scott is with them. Pigs can be cantankerous and they are huge animals. This one is only a few months old. There is also SweePea, who is pregnant and hormonal, so we don’t want to get in her way if she’s in a mood.


It sure is a lovely expanse of grass and sky and animals roaming happily all over it. Looking out over the back field makes me smile every time I do it. So, I do it a lot. Wouldn’t you?

This morning, we received a letter from Ben’s school, saying they’d noticed that we do not participate in the school lunch or breakfast program. They were concerned, and itemized typical lunch items that people buy to put in a Brought from Home lunch, and showed us how we could save money by participating in school lunch.

Somehow – nothing really compares to sandwiches made from Homemade Bread.


And the blackberries the boys picked themselves and helped us turn into jam. The only reason Bean is scowling is because that was a lot of work, and we were telling him to stop eating all the berries.


Country breakfasts are rather legendary at our house! Scott makes amazing waffles.


And we have long claimed that if everyone would just eat some of Scott’s biscuits and gravy, we could quite possibly achieve world peace.


The breakfast we serve at home includes goat’s milk that has helped Ben fend off allergies this year.

Gosh, I think we’ll just keep on feeding our kids food we raise and make at home.

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      1. Used to live in Southern Washington. I remember picking gallons of blackberries and making jam. Wish I could still do it now!

  1. WOW!!!!! Totally agree….and looking at the wonderful food makes me absolutely starving…. well not really, but it looks fabulous!!!! And I know from experience that it is!!!

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