Chance of Frost Tonight – But we are So Close to Planting!

It seems completely crazy to me that our friends back in Fresno are having Hot, Hot days, and their gardens have already been in the ground for months. I only have starts in my laundry room, and we are just now digging up the weeds that have been covering the garden all winter.

Scott got the plow out on some of the rows – but only after he had been using a huge pickax type thing to get at these ridiculously well rooted weeds.


Just last week – we were looking like this:


So – with a lot of hard work, we have definitely made progress. This is the new area for corn this year. Last year we only had a few stalks of corn on one tiny row at the end of the garden. They did not do well. This should suit corn much better.

20130429-230137.jpg 20130429-230313.jpg

Then, to keep the kids involved, since they were off riding bikes while we were digging weeds…

We’d heard that we can try to fool the birds who last year ran off with all our strawberries, by painting some rocks red and putting them in the strawberry area before any berries actually start to blossom. The idea being that the birds may peck at a rock, realize it’s not nice, and then leave the actual strawberries alone. That is the idea. That also assumes that birds have an enormous memory, which I’m not so sure is accurate. But, it was a fun painting project nonetheless. We will put on a few little black dots, for authenticity, and then use a little Mod Podge for shine, and sprinkle them liberally throughout the strawberry patch. We have to hurry – there are a bazillion white blooms already!

20130429-230202.jpg 20130429-230209.jpg



I know not everyone can get excited about a plain old plot of dirt, but I am thrilled with the results. 

20130429-230256.jpg 20130429-230305.jpg

Seriously – look how almost entirely free of weeds they are. Can I get a high five from anyone? Whoohoo! This is the Country Strong Workout. It comes with a Farmer’s Tan, just so you know.

6 thoughts on “Chance of Frost Tonight – But we are So Close to Planting!

  1. I love it that you think the dirt is wonderful!!! I am validated. After all these years of being harassed by everybody (especially your father) when we would drive by a freshly plowed field and I would exclaim “How beautiful that dirt is!” …. :o)

    1. Oh, I know exactly what you mean. And I think of you every time I get excited about the dirt here. It isn’t even that fabulous, to be honest. It’s mostly clay and needs lots of amendments, but its still what we grow our food in, and so it’s pretty glorious!

  2. I love this beautiful design, liesl! have you been tending this site quietly while you maintained the other (and grew a garden and grew children and a flower bed of poetry)? you can do anything!
    I hope that your fledgling crops will keep the faith until these colder nights come to an end. it won’t be long now, my friend.

  3. You’ve got a high five from me! And Liesl, I would follow you anywhere. Can’t wait to see what your garden yields this summer!

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