Race Car In Progress

Over the weekend, I got to spend a few minutes out in the shop with Scott. He needed my help to move some giant thing over onto the lift, and then push it under the back of the torn down vehicle. See how technical I can get about cars?

Then we moved that big thing into position, and I held up the leaf spring so we could test the measurements of the rear axle assembly. He has measured and re-measured, and salvaged parts off of junk cars; he has made several of the pieces he needed by cutting and welding things into place.

The boys and I picked up some of the parts that were on his Wish List from one of his favorite websites for Christmas, so we are practically Sponsors for the upcoming race season.

Bean came out to help too, and got to do some holding of bolts and nuts and posing with the new tire in place. He actually has helped quite a bit over the course of the tear-down and rebuild. He is most definitely looking forward to getting his Pit Crew t-shirt.

Let us go then, you and I - let us discuss.

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