Cardboard Iron Man

This was Ben’s Saturday Project. We were in the process of de-cluttering, and making a dump run, and Ben kept pulling cardboard out of the dump pile that he could use for building. I walked into the Living Room at one point, when he was just putting the whole thing on, and the timing was just too perfect… he turned around and said, “Hey, this isn’t the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.”

We have set up a Cardboard Bin for him in the laundry room, where we put broken down boxes that he can cut apart and use for his projects.

We are lucky that he understands about his need to build – that the building is the best part.When he is right in the middle of a project, he is completely focused and loving every cut and tape and angle and joint. When he’s done modeling it, he is usually okay with throwing it away relatively quickly after the build. Once we have photos, he’s good to go on to his next project. And, he wakes up every single day with a new plan of something to build. If we kept everything, we would be buried in a museum of paper and tape projects. Fortunately, we can chronicle his builds with photos and look back on them fondly.

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