Full Moon, Valentine’s Day, Werewolves and Baby Goats

This Valentine’s Day was a Full Moon. We couldn’t see it because of the outrageous downpour of rain we are experiencing, but Ben felt it. He has been a little obsessed with werewolves lately.

I made the mistake of explaining that the moon actually has a pull on us – same as the oceans’ tides – because we are 70% water. When I was younger, I remember being really amped up one month: couldn’t sleep, tons of energy, a little manic. After looking at the calendar, my roommate and I saw that it was three days before a full moon. I called my dad, who is an amateur Astronomer, and asked if it was possible to feel the effects of a full moon three days before it becomes full, and he said what was amazing was that the full moon that month was closer to the earth than it had been for 70 years. I felt it.

Well, that, plus Ben’s current obsession with werewolves is having him looking forward to Valentine’s for once. He wanted to howl at the moon, and I said if we could see it, I’d go out and howl at the moon with him. Bean is scared of the whole thing, and keeps leaping into my lap anytime Ben snarls or growls. Makes for interesting days in a small house!

During our Science lesson on Friday, we were scheduled to look at the Respiratory and Circulatory Systems – which seemed like loads of fun to be looking at the actual heart on Valentine’s day.

We watched a really cool teaching video, and then went searching for a paper craft to do that would blend with our learning. We found paper skeletons, which was a good start, and Ben really liked that. Somehow, we came across paper claws, and that was the end of our lesson, because for the rest of the day Ben was making origami claws for his Werewolf.

Oh – during the afternoon, when the rain was at its most exuberant, and the fields were flooding, our first goat went into labor and delivered two adorable baby boy goats.


After that, Scott and I slogged through shin-deep mud to haul pallets to form a walkway from the barn to the field. All the goats had come into the barn out of curiosity, and then got stranded there because of the rain. I had to run to the store to get Scott some new muck boots, as his had sprung a leak, and trying to work in these conditions without good boots would have been as bad as going out there barefoot.

Which brings me to our Best Valentine’s Gift Exchange EVER – he got Muck Boots, I got My Fair Lady – Romance doesn’t get any better than that. After delivering babies, and making several more trips to check on the other goats who are due to deliver any moment, he even sat with me and the boys and watched some of it.


This morning I got to hold baby goats, and snuggle them, and bury my head in their soft fur. Scott and I are both on cloud nine today. He was just in here a minute ago, and couldn’t help himself from saying, “The Best Valentine’s Day Ever!” I couldn’t agree more!

8 thoughts on “Full Moon, Valentine’s Day, Werewolves and Baby Goats

  1. Awwwwwww – what a lovely post! I love the full moon, here it was also really low and big and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky so we could see so many stars. Lovely! 🙂
    Good luck with NaBloPoMo 🙂

  2. Had to come to your blog after reading you had baby goats on Valentine’s Day. Didn’t know I would also meet a frightening werewolf. Fun photos. I can understand why the new boots said love. 🙂 –Curt

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