Calvin & Hobbes… Erm… I mean… Ben & Bean

This weekend, in fairly typical fashion, Ben created about a bazillion new paper-craft projects. His imagination never stops. I spoke to Bean about doing a project with him every day when he gets home from Kindergarten. It dawned on me that Ben has always been able to come up with ideas for projects on his own. I never have to give him any direction whatsoever; I just need to stay out of his way. He also had the advantage of going to an amazing Preschool where there was Art every single day, and he was exposed to lots of mediums and lots of ideas that started him down this path. Bean was not. Bean piped up rather forcefully about that this evening. He said, “I never got any of that.” And he’s very excited to look on Pinterest with me now and come up with ideas for projects. How terrified should I be right now? Dang Pinterest and all you crafty, brilliant, make-anything-look-easy-Evil-Sorceresses.

Sorry. Did I just say that out loud?


We did lots of farm projects this weekend. We went and picked up a new Duck Pond that we need to install over in Goat-Knox. We also picked up a huge load of firewood – just in time for the nice, warm weather. But it will be perfect to have on hand for next year.

We also brought out a new boar for breeding with Lily, our pig, and that introduction went as well as farm love could go. Both animals were super excited to have a new friend. It’s a little embarrassing, truth be told, to initiate these types of meetings, with my little boys looking on and wondering out loud about what all this means, and why is he drooling, and so forth? Parts of farm life will always seem strange to me. Very strange, indeed.

We have new baby goats, and we have been having lots of fun playing with them. We have 8 new babies, and only one girl from the whole bunch. We still have other goats still to deliver, and hopefully, we will get a few more girl babies. While Scott was working with one of the new mom goats and her babies, he asked us to watch Silver and Marty – in the Living Room. I am not a big fan of animals in the house – but these guys were too cute for words.

Here, let me show you.

The weather was so nice that both boys played outside a good bit, and I got plenty of downtime reading done, which made me feel like I was on a vacation. I love time to read. Love, love, love!

At one point, Ben came in and wanted to read what I was reading. It was a book called, “Living With Intensity,” and he related to the title, and growled a bit to show that he understood Intensity. Don’t I know it. I told him that this was a grown-up book, and not a kid’s book. It’s a Psychology and Education book.

He went into a description of the time Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes) pretended to create a Positive Duplicate of himself. He combed his hair all nice and neat, complimented his mother’s cooking, did all his homework, asking his mom to check his work and then went to bed without a hassle. Later in the cartoon strip, his mother was at the kitchen table NOT looking over his homework, but hunched over a book of Child Psychology staring with wide eyes at the page. He thought that was hilarious.

I think he’s hilarious. And I’m just glad that in this little cartoon strip, instead of a stuffed tiger, we have a real life little brother who is the best Sidekick Ever, who is with his brother through thick and thin, even occasionally offering sage advice.

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