Exploring Russia


It was time for Wonders of the World Wednesday, and I called the boys from my room. They came rushing in to see what we would look at together tonight. I told them to hop up on my bed, and the three of us, on our stomachs, with feet up in the air behind us, stared at the computer screen of my laptop, heads cupped in hands. It felt so kid-like, so kick-back and relaxed.

We went to the National Geographic Your Shot website, which is simply a wealth of photographic brilliance. (The photos there are all copyrighted, so I can’t share them with you. You’ll have to go there on your own. Also, we found out that they have Photo Assignments and Challenges, which could be a really fun way to introduce the boys to photo composition.

I love discovering the things about the world and the internet that we can do as a family. I don’t let the boys search on their own yet, so I want to make sure we’re doing plenty of searching together, so they don’t feel left out at school. I go on wild goose chases with them to find the things their friends are talking about, and laugh together over the antics of dogs and cats who have become overnight viral sensations. But mostly, I want to feature the beautiful, mesmerizing, grand and glorious things about the world or nature or the universe or great artists that will inspire them and inform them.

photo from here

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