Endless View from Rocking Chairs

What a completely blissful day. These are the new rockers we picked up at a garage sale this weekend, and this is the view looking out onto our back field in Southern Oregon. It goes on and on and we end up with stunning sunsets all summer long. I sat out here and read the first chapter of The Conscious Parent for a new reading group, and hung out with Bean in the sunshine.

We played Backgammon, then, in the shade, and I told him about the summer I spent camping and travelling with my parents and sisters, and how my dad and I would play Backgammon every chance we got. We must have played hundreds of times that summer. It is such a great game. Then, Bean wanted to build with Puro squares and we built a gorgeous, black and white and multi-colored skyscraper, working together. He has the tiniest little voice, and wants to talk constantly. Today, I just took it all in. All those words, and all those ideas. We laughed with belly laughs because he is hilarious when given full-reign to all his silliness.

I went looking for Ben because he was awfully quiet, and it turns out he was sprawled on his bed finishing up a book he has been loving. It is about wolves and the ancient, beautiful line of werewolves and their soul-mates. He wants me to read it too, and I will be downloading it for myself as well. He hung out beside me in one of the rocking chairs and talked about how sometimes, if someone hasn’t found their mate, they start to go crazy. I understand that feeling. I was long single before finding Scott. Scott came out and sat in the rocking chairs with me as well, and we watched our goats playing in the field. Watching baby goats dancing is happiness itself!

The Conscious Parent makes the interesting assertion that the typical model of parent teaching child in a hierarchical formula, tends to become ego-driven, and forgets that children are born with their own souls fully formed with needs and desires of their own. We can learn as much or more from them as we could ever think to teach them, if we can learn how to do it while still giving structure and guidance.

Listening, and being present for children brings such a luscious peace. It is a palpable thing, and is incredibly freeing, as the book says, and as I felt it today. I’m not always great at relaxing. In fact, I struggle with it sometimes. I would rather be doing something, anything, sometimes rather than being still and being present. This will be a good book for me. I’m looking forward to studying it and learning from the other readers as well. Thanks again, Amy!

And because I’d menu-planned earlier, and chosen something I could throw in the crock pot and forget about – I had the entire day. Our dinner was ready when we were, with no hassle whatsoever, and it was delicious. We had the Light Crock Pot Fiesta Chicken and Rice Bowls. Oh – I am keeping this one for future use. Total keeper. Scrape the bottom of the bowl for every last morsel delicious.

photo from my camera!

13 thoughts on “Endless View from Rocking Chairs

  1. My family raised goats until I graduated high school, that and the truck garden gave me the strong desire to move to the big city, away from animals and plants.

    1. I totally hear you. I just went the other way. I always longed to be a City Girl, and I got that chance. As I remember it, I pretty much Owned that City while I lived there. That was how it felt. And now, the country is owning me. 🙂

  2. Love the rocking chair photo. Beautiful view. Thanks for the nice recipe. Always love it when people share one that they’ve enjoyed. Also enjoying the Conscious Parent book. It’s never to late to learn as much as we can regardless of our kids ages.

  3. Oh the beauty of that view! All that lush green grass, blue sky, and mountains in view, wow! And Yay for the crock pot! I use it a lot in the winter but I even use it in the summer a little bit because I like the freedom of knowing the food will be ready as I am doing something else. Your recipe sounds yummy…

  4. Listening, and being present is so important. Sometimes adults forget that, and spend more time on housework. And the rocking chairs are beautiful 🙂

  5. Such a pleasant read. I just came back from holidays and trying to fight the blues, so some happy lecture is very welcome.

  6. OK. I am SO doing the crock pot thing! Your rocking chairs look delightful and you’ve been able to share them with your family and enjoy the sunsets and goats. What could be better than that? Tatia and I used to read books together all the time. We read the entire Harry Potter series together and some days we would read so much that our voices would get hoarse! Some of the books were finished in a weekend!

    Thanks for playing along in the group. This is going to be a lot of fun getting to know you and your sweet little family.

    1. Thank you, Amy! I am already learning so much from the other bloggers. I can’t wait to share how my morning went by changing one tiny thing in our get ready and get out the door routine! Yeah, Mother Tribe!

  7. Oh Liesl, this is the kind of blog I love. To be allowed into someone’s life and to be shown those precious moments. These moments on this planet, I live for. Thank you.

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