Poetry in Music and Dance

There is so much poetry in dance,

in the way bodies sidle up to one another

and barely touch and then move away,

only to come back around and move together

suggestively, still holding back, still mostly

eyes, still only hints at what could happen

if both bodies fully engaged. There is love

and loss and poise and danger. There is heart

on sleeve, and stomping mad, there is

“I am woman, hear me roar”

and so much more.

There is crawling across the stage on all fours.

There is leaping in the air. There is falling

to the floor

in a heap and a mess of angles and elbows.

There is rising up again through tears,

through ashes, through death and dying,

through rebirth and head held high,

arms streaming out behind like

there is a gale force wind.

There are stories only bodies can tell.

There are poems told

in the swing of hips,

on the points of toes.


These are two of my favorite music / dance videos at the moment. The boys and I listen to music in the car while we are waiting for the bus, and we watch So You Think You Can Dance in summertime. We get into the musicality, and the storytelling. I cry over the poetry.

It is National Poetry Month, and so I say, let’s appreciate the poetry all around us, and be mindful of how much poetry is in movement, music, the hugs of our children, the kiss of love!



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