Body in Motion

Deep Dives into Soul Territory

My husband and I both have these passions for our hobbies that involve sharing our interests on a large scale, and even learning how to grow our audiences.

He has a YouTube channel about building race cars, and I write from my heart – deep dives into soul territory, and mining those depths for wisdom.

It’s not exactly a shared interest, and yet it is in a way. We’ll talk about successes and things we’re learning about connecting, engaging, and building community.

One of our recent conversations included Newton’s First Law of Motion (I know, I’m always so excited when something like physics or mathematics or some great thinker’s ideas come up naturally in conversation – I get chills!): “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion.”

Once a bit of momentum is created by the habit of – for him, posting videos regularly, and for me, writing regularly, physics literally takes over and the ideas continue to generate.

When I was younger, my dad said he could always tell if I was in a place of regular, habitual writing, or if I was in a desert, some sort of spiritual drought. Writing has always been my spiritual practice, my heart on paper, where I go to sort and sift and work out questions. My mood is always more settled, almost nestled in and snug and happy, when I am tending to the needs of my soul. When I step away from this practice, I grow cold and hard and bitter, much more easily riled up and quick tempered.

Maybe, this is the thing we all need. I don’t mean writing, that’s my thing, but our own individual passions. The thing that wakes up our spirit and lets us soar. Whether it’s reading, writing, cooking, painting, dancing, or working on cars – whatever helps us feel alive requires time to cultivate to keep us in our right space.

And, a body in motion stays in motion. If we have allowed the busyness of life, or the lure of scrolling mindlessly through the internet to steal moments we could spend on our passions, we have the chance every day to reclaim ourselves with a moment here, a moment there, until we reassert ourselves back into our heart and soul – in the midst of busy, in the midst of whatever is going on around us: to live our big, bold, beautiful hearts’ dream!

Oh, beautiful people! Let us Live, and spread our joy, and dig deep to rejuvenate the passion of our souls!

Both Photos by engin akyurt – lowercase part of their handle – on Unsplash

And, just for fun, a link to my hubbies channel – in case you’re the type of reader who also likes building race cars!

There’s my handsome husband!

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