The Universe Inside

One of These Pictures Is the Brain, the Other is the Universe. Can You Tell Which is Which?

“A neuron in the brain juxtaposed with clusters of galaxies and their connected filaments of matter and dark matter. The resemblance is immediately clear. The implication? You may have an entire universe in your head.”


It all Started with Meditation

Last night in a meditation we were asked to focus on a part of our bodies we don’t normally think about. I focused on my brain, not the psyche part – the soul, mind, spirit part, but the technical, functional part.

I’m not very good at meditation in the stilling my mind sense. It’s more a practice of sitting quietly and allowing thoughts to make movies in my head and still being calm and breathing. But I do it every day and I breathe deeply. It’s a little vacation. It’s as close as I’ve gotten so far.

Zooming Neural Pathways

So there I was zooming down the neural pathways and superhighways of my brain and I remembered that I’d seen somewhere that the insides of our brains look remarkably like the vastness of the universe.

I had to look it up. I’m blown away and so much in awe of this. When we think of the vastness of space and how very far away everything is from everything else – it’s more than we can process really. And normally I’d say it’s more than our minds can comprehend, but I think that’s wrong.

The parts of our brains we can access, the 10% maybe on a good day when we’re striving to function at our very best, that part of our brain cannot fathom space. But inside us is a very likeness in miniature. Deep inside those recesses our brains know deep beauty, deep wonder, deep stillness, deep S P A C E.

We joke about what we could make of ourselves if our brains weren’t full of all the lyrics from every song of the eighties. That doesn’t seem so funny right now. I want to learn and grow. I want to expand the way the universe is expanding.

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